Inspirational Running Quote #6

So I have been getting headaches after running lately. Not cool!
I am working out how I can prevent this and I’m trying to keep myself motivated in the meantime. This quote is for everybody who’s also struggling:

Pain is temporary

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5 thoughts on “Inspirational Running Quote #6

  1. movableteacher says:

    Reblogged this on Madrid Journal.

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    • I’m keeping track of what I eat and drink and eat, both before and after my runs. I think I blame the wind and the cold!


      • ignace_s says:

        How long do you run now? Because I’m more thinking ‘during’…
        But the cold can be a factor too off course 🙂


      • I haven’t really extended my runs’ duration much since I’ve started training, so that seems unlikely. I am currently running an average of 45 minutes. My runs vary, but my headaches don’t get worse after a certain type of training (higher speed interval vs. slower endurance training). My last run went great and didn’t give me a headache, so the mystery remains!


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