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Getting better! | Inspirational Quote #8

After 5 months of working out it has (finally!) become a lifestyle for me. Yes, I’m proud! Don’t forget to recognize the progress you have made, even when you haven’t reached your goals yet. You are getter better every day!

It never gets easier


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About wearing make-up when working out… | Inspirational Quote #7

I am not even putting make-up on anymore and that’s big for me. After working out I simply ignore all mirrors and head straight for the shower. A well deserved shower that feels awesome!

If you still look cute

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Inspirational Running Quote #6

So I have been getting headaches after running lately. Not cool!
I am working out how I can prevent this and I’m trying to keep myself motivated in the meantime. This quote is for everybody who’s also struggling:

Pain is temporary

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Inspirational Running Quote #3

This one is both an inspiration and a tip:

Set your goals high and don’t stop until you get there!

Don’t kid yourself: without goals you won’t go as far!

I ain't done yet

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Inspirational Running Quote #2

No pain, no gain. Strong Viking Run & Men of Steel Run here I come!
Become a badass

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Inspirational Running Quote #1

No matter how slow you go,
you are still lapping everybody on the couch.

Run forrest, run!

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